Nungnung Waterfall ,The Peacefull Place to Listen Sound of the Falling Water

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Located: Nungnung village, Petang, Bali

Entrance: local : 7500 IDR and non local 10000 IDR

                    2000 IDR for parking (motorbike)


Nungnung waterfall is a great spot to visit without tourist crowds likes kuta beach or seminyak beach.Nungnung is small village located 40 kilometers north of Denpasar with a heigh of 900 meters above from sea level.Nungnung waterfall near  the bridge Tukad Bangkung well known the tallest bridge in Asia with height 71 meters.Nungnung Waterfall is in the village, from Denpasar it takes around 75 minutes

To get there, i must trekking and trace hilly rice fields about 2 miles from highway. Me and My friend take around 800 steps down to the bottom of stairs, which can be challenging for me and my friend haha.. The way down the waterfall has recently been renovated and new hendrails, i think.

                          OMG STAIRS!

The walk is worth it, as when you arrive at the waterfall, you can see the beautiful private waterfall and natural pool. My reward is swim in the pool at the base of the waterfall nungnung.Nungnung waterfall is the best place Bali especially for people who love trekking, you can get down to the river valley and may see the waterfall from close range moss green athmosphere.

                 Time to relax

Nungnung waterfall is great choice for traveller can make tourist enjoy, relax, and happy.Waterfall nungnung have the best scenery along the way is very green and refreshing also relax. You must bring snack and mineral water to enjoy this waterfall.The scenery is amazing, after the satisfication of seeing the falls, me and my friend enjoy special snack and drink, this is  small bale provide along the stairs to go home. I really enjoy the journey even it was rough path, The Peacefull Place to Listen Sound of the Falling Water.


If you explore with your kids and feel up to chalenging, put the baby backpack carrier & make sure to wear sturdy shoes

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