Nelayan Beach, The Best Spot Sunset in Bali Island

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Maps Nelayan Beach

Entrance: 2000 IDR (pay parking fee motorcycle)

Hi guys! I will share about my story …
Beeing a frequent traveler to Bali, after years traveler going to Seminyak and Kuta (now too busy and crowded). I opted for the quieter area of Canggu. In Canggu you can have experience the “Old Bali” with rice fields, local stores, etc. To get there you can order taxi, online application transportation (grab taxi, uber, gojek) or you can rent a motorcycle (50.000-70.000 IDR / day) and rent a car without a driver (300.00-600.000 IDR / day) .

Nelayan beach is located in Canggu, Bali, 400 meters long stretch of beach, Batu Bolong beach and Berawa Beach (Finns Beach Club) .You can walk 5 minutes walk between swampy or pebble beach. In Nelayan beach i found a small temple (Pura Segara), Banjar Canggu.

                         Sunset in Nelayan Beach

 The Beach is seems a local fisherman’s landing coast, also seeing few fisherman boats, where you can catch a view of them hauling in their wooden outriggers while unloading their early morning catches. You can visit between 08.00-09.00, you will get to see the fishing boats returning, the small boat “jukung” that was traditionally powered by sail but not now all have outboards.

Fisherman beach have gray with many warungs (eating houses and bars). The beach has dark gray / black sand is a great spot for relaxing and watching sunset, also a great spot for relaxing, watching a book /novel. Nelayan beach offers a bit of seclusion and is a great spot for quiet sunsets. Two small river mouths border both end of the beachWater beach a spot for surfers to enjoy the wind and the waves, but offer some renowned and challenging surfing spot.You can visit the website to guide surf schedule. The beach area remains popular with surfers, the break inviting, the water is clean not as many plastic as Seminyak, Kuta.Nelayan beach is not prized by the traveler for swimming and sunbathing. I see the abondoned “warung” building there are many painting graffiti, im very interest to take picture with art of  graffiti as the background.

The cool atmosphere, the comfort and the tranquility of traveler and the is where the privacy, you who feel the bored with crowded the city, the nuances that served by the beach attraction Canggu fishermen can provide other alternative, can eliminate all saturation, And feel fresh beach, relax and can be body refresh. Enjoy your holiday!

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